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The lower base of the pedestal is composed of a circular, rolled and pressed steel base.

The central part is composed of a steel, threaded rod which is welded to the base. The length of this part will vary according to requirements.

The upper part of the pedestals is composed of a rolled, pressed steel head which is welded to a pipe that has been threaded to increase resistance, which is inserted into the rod.

The entire construction is zinc-plated.

The pedestal head has an ABS, self-extinguishing, ecological gasket which contains graphite to provide conductivity. This supports the panels to dampen noise.


Fig. 1                                                                                                      Fig. 2

  • MINIMUM HEIGHT: 25 mm. From the base to the head.

  • MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 160 mm. From the base to the head.

– N.B.: Add the thickness of the panel chosen to calculate the height of the finished floor.

Two locking systems:

1st Castellated nut (Fig. 1)

2nd Special adhesive (cold-welded for a complete lock without affecting adjustment) (Fig. 2)