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Fotografía fabrica Dipso Pavimentos

Fotografía fabrica Dipso Pavimentos

DIPSO PAVIMENTOS SA first entered the RAISED ACCESS FLOORING sector in January 1992. After many years experience in the fields of installation and distribution, DIPSO broadened its range of services to include RAF manufacture. Currently our facilities, factory, warehouses and office are located in the “El Alamo” Industrial Estate, C/Álamo 39, in Humanes de Madrid. This infrastructure comprises some 4,000 m² and has three fully automated production lines. The Encapsulation Line, which is used to manufacture 10 different types of steel-encapsulated panels, the Coating Line, for woodcore, and the Multi-Service Line. Thanks to these three lines we can produce 49 different types of RAF panels, all of which are entirely manufactured in DIPSO. Moreover, we have also developed new, versatile panels, which, along with the rest of the product range, allows us to offer solutions to any type of difficulty that may arise when installing RAF. Our current manufacturing capacity stands at 5,000 panels per day and per shift.

DIPSO carries out all its manufacturing and installation processes in compliance with the criteria established in the current regulations applicable to RAF (UNE 12825:2002, UNE-EN 13501-1:2007, UNE EN ISO 9239-1:2002 and UNE EN ISO11925-2:2002) and maintains its commitment to remain constantly up-to-date. All our tests are carried out in external laboratories accredited by ENACT, Cidemco, Afiti-licof, etc. which provides us with greater transparency and accuracy in all the results needed

At DIPSO quality is our top priority. Since the company first began manufacturing, it has implemented and certified the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We are currently pioneers in the ISO 9001:2008 certification for RAF manufacture.
Our continuous efforts have been rewarded as we are now one of the top companies in the sector at a national level.

Thanks to our strict selection of suppliers, we can ensure that Dipso’s philosophy, Continuous Improvement, Quality, Reliability and Trust, is upheld.