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RAF Accessories

RAF Accessories

SUCTION CUP: To easily remove panels that have already been installed without causing any damage.

RAISED FLOOR BOXES: A round cable outlet with a pressurized cover which offers access to the different services installed under the RAF. These are manufactured in grey, brown or black plastic.

CONDUCTIVE CABLE: A copper cable with a 16 mm diameter. This has green/yellow-coloured insulation and is attached to the base of the pedestals to ground static electricity. It is used with raised floors that have conductive properties.

ANGLES AND FIXING PLATES: Decorative elements in the form of an “L” or a steel or aluminium plate. These are installed as finishing touches at the top of stairs, ramps and risers.

GRILLES: These elements are used to allow air conditioning to pass under RAF and they are completely resistant to pedestrian traffic.


DIPSO has its own carpentry department which allows it to custom-make:

ACCESS RAMPS: An inclined slope to bridge the gap between two levels when using RAF. These can be fixed in place or moveable. They are generally covered by non-slip rubber.

RISERS: A vertical element used to seal the plenum (useful free space under the RAF). These are made using the same materials as the RAF installed.

BOARDING STEPS: This element is used to bridge the gap between the two levels when using RAF. These are usually covered using the same material as the RAF.

COUNTERSINKS: A round or rectangular hole in the panel to allow the installation of electrical boxes or floor boxes.

COVERS: Top covering used to overlay electrical boxes with the same materials used to cover the RAF.