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This is available in all the versions previously described in THREADED PEDESTALS, THROUGH PEDESTALS and SPECIAL PEDESTALS, depending on the project requirements or the customer´s preferences.

There are two stamps in the pedestal head::

  • 1st To screw the AT version of the panels to the head of the pedestal. (Fig. 1)
  • 2nd To screw the AT version of the strings to the head of the pedestal. (Fig. 2)

Its composition is identical to those previously described, except for the fact that this model has four threaded holes with uniform, proportional measurements for the special screws to be used to connect this to the panel or the stringer.



 (Fig. 1)                          (Fig. 2)




  • MINIMUM HEIGHT: The minimum height of the pedestal is25 mm
  • MAXIMUM HEIGHT: The maximum height of the pedestal is 1200 mm.


N.B.: Add the thickness of the panel chosen to calculate the height of the finished floor.